Coaching Focuses on Future Possibilities

Coaching is about unlocking your potential. Coaching is about maximizing your own performance. Coaching is all about you! The role of a coach has always been to get the best out of other's performance, whether on stage, on the playing field, or in business. But it's not about the coach. It's about you.....your goals, your personal vision, your life! At SoulSalt, the coach is on retainer to you to help you unlock your potential. You and your SoulSalt coach meet 4 times a month for fifty-minute telephone or face-to-face sessions. In between sessions, we're available to you via phone or email for "just-in-time" checks against emerging obstacles and for celebration of successes. So, how do you know if SoulSalt coaching is for you? • Are you too busy to enjoy your life? • Are you in a rut? • Are you still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? • Have you strayed from your personal vision? • Are you overwhelmed by all those tasks that you just can’t seem to get done? • Want to take your small or medium sized business to the next level, but have stalled in trying to move forward?


Robin Hardman is an excellent project manager. I have my PMP certification with the Project Management Institute and yet having her coach me through a simple project management process taught me things I had never thought about before. For example, she...
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