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Consulting requires attention to the needs of the individual company and the company’s individuals - one size does not fit all. Consulting involves the following activities: Facilitation SoulSalt can move your teams to greater success by coaching and holding them on track, facilitating contributions and steering results to match expectations. If you need more productivity out of your working sessions, SoulSalt facilitation will make a huge difference. Problem Solving Albert Einstein said that “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Let us help you uncover opportunity with a range of activities including identifying the root cause of a chronic problem and evaluating potential solutions. Training With companies running faster and faster these days to survive, employees need more than day-to-day skills just to keep up. We help you grow your human resources, putting training projects in place so that you have the skills you need meet the business you want to generate. Project Management Project work impacts everything in your business and involves strategic, tactical and operational planning. We can help you do the right things to get the results you need and want. Project Assessment/Recovery Recent statistics indicate that only 28% of IT projects are successful, while 49% are challenged and 23% fail completely. If you have a project or department that is “challenged,” we work with you to identify realistic resolutions. Contact Robin at (905) 717-1392 to discuss ways SoulSalt can help take your organization to the next level of performance.


Robin coached me to articulate the values most important to me and seek a values match when contemplating change in my work environment. I used this tool in the interview process and have found a match in a new role. Robin also helped me rediscover my pas...
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