The SoulSalt™ Philosophy

Our success begins with a state of mind, a view, a vision, a philosophy. Here’s ours. The dimension of basic energy called the soul encompasses personal depth, substance, value, heart and connectivity. When an unstable metal, sodium, reacts with a toxic gas, chlorine, the staple food salt occurs – NaCl. We as human beings go about doing what we do until life eventually boils over and melts us down to the infinite granules of self. The ensuing, un-evaporated substance that remains is exactly one half energy and one half staple element. It has the power to initiate humans back to a place of being at peace and being at home in our own skin. It can impel human beings to start doing what they were meant to do. This substance is called SoulSalt. Life Strategies coaching is the process of discovering your SoulSalt. Our work at SoulSalt is to coach and strategize with you as you find your purpose and to take action based on that purpose. At SoulSalt we can engage your instinct and core essentials with the necessities of need to open the floodgates on your biggest, most imaginative and audaciously relevant goals, irrespective of whether your goals are for your business or your life.


"Making business decisions has been a part of my professional career for decades. Using skills learned over the years, I would deliberate and dissect each possible outcome and arrive at what I hoped would be the best avenue to take. However, when it came ...
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