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The "Rethinking Your Success" workshop was well worth my time. It was so refreshing and innovative. I found the activities in the workshop very interesting and thought provoking. My answers to some of the questions gave me real insight into who I am and what my values really are.

The workshop helped me to isolate certain issues and gave me tools to work them through. It was most enjoyable and relaxing. I have realized a renewed energy in both my professional and personal life since participating in the workshop. Thank you, Robin, for your leadership.

Robin Taylor-Smith

"Thanks, Robin, for opening my eyes to what is truly important for me in my life and what really brings me joy. Since taking your workshop, I have been focused on what I need to do to be in that place of joy in my life. For me, the most important thing was that I be at home in Nova Scotia with my family. Not only am I planning to make this move within the next several months, I will be doing it on my terms and with passive income sources that will allow me the time to enjoy the things in life that bring me the most happiness; walks along a secluded beach in the fog, laughing with my family and being true to who I really am. You have helped me find my way and I will be eternally grateful."

Linda Symonds

"Making business decisions has been a part of my professional career for decades. Using skills learned over the years, I would deliberate and dissect each possible outcome and arrive at what I hoped would be the best avenue to take. However, when it came to deciding upon my own direction, I was stumped. No longer did the skills I had acquired aid me, they just muddled the process.

With careful guidance and thoughtful insight, Robin has enabled me to remove my block, my emotional self from the process. With her help, I arrived at what turned out to be the only suitable decision with great ease. I know that I would have agonized for many months over what has turned out to be the best route I could have taken. And I have her to thank for that."

Lisa Kerr


"When I first connected with Robin I was in need of focus for my personal life. In these more recent months, Robin has also been guiding me with her expertise to help me expand and develop strategies with my career.

Robin has coached me by the use of some awesome tools! These tools are universal in the sense that I can use them in any aspect of my life ... they've helped me let go of unnecessary worry and be able to move throughout the day with a greater sense of empowerment and joy! Now I worry less, take that energy, and expand it in areas that I do have influence with. I am having a lot of fun in the process!

Thank you, Robin.

Heather Oliver, R.M.T

Robin Hardman is an excellent project manager. I have my PMP certification with the Project Management Institute and yet having her coach me through a simple project management process taught me things I had never thought about before.

For example, she brought the psychology of performance to the table when we were discussing my early project stages. She did a great job analyzing the existing infrastructure so that we didn't spin our wheels trying to reinvent something already in place. In addition, she taught me to be wise and maintain a sense of gracious self-preservation in the middle of many projects and a huge amount of project tasks.

I don't care how many certification one holds or how much project experience one has, a coach facilitating your work as you complete projects is a valuable asset. There are parts of my brain that did not fire until Robin asked me critical questions. If you have a small business project or a strategic plan in place, she is an powerful partner to have by your side.

What is the value of Robin's work? Take the value of your project and times it by three.

Lyn T. Christian PMP, MCC, CFCC, SoulSalt Inc

I began my coaching sessions with Robin feeling the need for change, but not sure how to accomplish it. Although content with my current job, I felt something was missing in my life.

Working with Robin has been highly beneficial. Rather than telling me what to think, she provides me with the tools to move forward. This is the most effective form of guidance.

We began by identifying my talents to help determine which path I might choose to pursue, while discussing what things would make me feel a sense of satisfaction in both my career and life.

During this process, Robin provided examples and exercises to help guide me in making critical decisions. After two months, I had a clear idea of the right course for me.

When I received a job offer a week ago, I was able to determine whether this opportunity was the right choice, through the knowledge gained from my time with Robin. I accepted the offer, and now have a higher-paying position that better utilizes my talents and skills.

Andrew Nielsen

Although I had a well-paying job that supported my personal lifestyle, I was unhappy with the direction the company had taken and its evolving corporate culture.

I spent many hours talking with Robin. She helped me to zero in on those points on which my employer and I saw eye to eye and where we differed. At the same time, she helped me identify the things in my life both professionally and personally that were most important.

In the end, I made the decision to leave the company and, although I was scared, Robin helped me have the strength and courage to unlock the "golden handcuffs" and change the course of my career. That empowerment stayed with me and I eventually moved on from the professional world into academia, where I have found my pride and passion, and where my personal goals, beliefs and values are fulfilled. I couldn't have gotten to where I am today without Robin's help and guidance.

Shelley R. Rhyno

In the four years I worked with Robin Hardman, as our project leader and account manager, I participated in group success unequaled in my 30 plus years of professional life. The highlights:

1. The project team achieved, within budget and on schedule, an enterprise migration for the City of Chicago's Department of Water Management that had eluded the prior prime contractor for four years, at a cost of over $20 million. This was accomplished in less than nine months and less than a twentieth of the cost.

2. Not only was this project delivered for one of the largest customers the software provider had at the time, it was developed by Ms. Hardman into the largest annual revenue provider in company history, and continues to this day. I myself continue to be employed by this ongoing service contract.

3. In this time, Ms. Hardman engineered and maintained a relationship with the client that endured for years after she left the project.

4. Many of the engineering management standards, documentation and other project protocols implemented, and in some cases invented by Ms. Hardman, continue to be used in the same capacity - eight years later.

5. Many of the people hired, trained and mentored by Ms. Hardman continue to have successful careers in Information Technology, including most of the key people currently engaged in the ongoing service contract.

Mike Pottie

Robin coached me to articulate the values most important to me and seek a values match when contemplating change in my work environment. I used this tool in the interview process and have found a match in a new role. Robin also helped me rediscover my passion for my chosen field, which greatly impacted decisions and future direction. The end result was better than what I would have accomplished on my own. My career path has been positively altered.

Linda Clemow, CFRE

Associate Director, Individual Giving at McMichael Canadian Art Collection


Robin coached me to articulate the values most important to me and seek a values match when contemplating change in my work environment. I used this tool in the interview process and have found a match in a new role. Robin also helped me rediscover my pas...
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